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Cody, PJ & Ross - We are the CPR Web Team!

Each member of the CPR trio has the specific skills that contribute to the successful development of a website: innate creativity, education, freethinking youth, and seasoned experience form the perfect mix. Work ethic is essential. Honesty and integrity, crucial. Creativity enables us the ability to transcend traditional ideas and sets us apart from the rest.

Cody Stanley

Cody Stanley
Lead Web Designer and Programmer

His interest in building and repairing his own computers from an early age taught him to understand a computer inside and out. A keen mind and a natural eye toward art, gives Cody what it takes for web design. His aspirations were advanced with the completion of a degree in web design. This webmaster has well-crafted his knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, amongst other scripting languages which he manipulates, bringing life to complex challenges and simple-yet-effective productions alike.

Cody Stanley

PJ Pearson
Project Coordinator and Marketing Director

A veteran in sales, advertising, marketing, photography and writing. Her degree in fine art is a supplemental asset for the color and design aspect of the website process. She assumes the role of project manager, finding new clients and keeping a steady flow of communication between the client and team during the course of web development. As the teams' jack-of-all-trades, she makes for a simply invaluable component.

Cody Stanley

Ross Watson
Lead Graphic Designer

with a lifetime of playing computer games and creating Photoshop fantasies, he is the youngest member of the team. He possesses a supreme sense of attention to precise graphical details, this being among his most valuable attributes. This computer whiz saves the client money with buzz-saw typing, graphic manipulations and hot-key shortcuts, achieving maximum efficiency in any given project. His youth and energy add an inside edge on current trends that are reflected in the design work.